Irlen Syndrome Interventions November 18 2015, 0 Comments

Irlen Syndrome is primarily addressed through colored filters (or "overlays"), glasses with tinted lenses, and through software applications.  Testing is done by a trained Screener or Diagnostician to first determine if you have this condition, then to specifically determine the color shades best suited for you.

Welcome to Your New Favorite Reading Corner October 19 2015, 0 Comments

In this fast-paced age of technology, this cozy scene seems to be fading. But at Open LORE, we want to preserve that feeling of your personal space and unique preferences, integrating it with accessible reading features in our easy-to-navigate Open LORE Read software.

Making History: The Disability Visibility Project January 10 2015, 0 Comments

History moves along day by day, with headlines and stories around the world capturing attention. But the Disability Visibility Project, in partnership with StoryCorps, is making a permanent mark on history and bringing awareness to the disabled community.

Megan's Story: Unlocking the Imagination December 06 2014, 0 Comments

Growing up, Megan was a smart kid. She understood math concepts, grasped history, and understood verbal lectures well. She even liked to invent her own stories. And yet she struggled with low grades all through elementary and high school.

Open LORE - Reinvention of the Neurological Impress Method October 23 2014, 0 Comments

When you see Open LORE reading software in action, you immediately know something is different. The software reads e-books aloud, highlighting the words and phrases simultaneously, showing one way it is truly unique. This brings an effective, time-tested method of teaching reading into the modern technological age.

What is Irlen Syndrome? October 20 2014, 0 Comments

At Open LORE, we believe Irlen Syndrome is a condition that deserves attention, based on the regular number of people we interact with who describe their experience in vivid detail - even those unaware that such a condition has been studied. There is also extensive ongoing research on the condition.