Welcome to Your New Favorite Reading Corner October 19 2015, 0 Comments

There’s nothing quite like curling up in your favorite chair, right next to your bookshelf with your favorite books right at your fingertips, organized by genre and/or spine height. (No? Just me?)

In this fast-paced age of technology, this cozy scene seems to be fading. But at Open LORE, we want to preserve that feeling of your personal space and unique preferences, integrating it with accessible reading features in our easy-to-navigate Open LORE Read software.  

Open LORE Read’s home screen is your portal to numerous exciting reading tools and features. Here, you can access your e-library collections, pick up where you left off reading, or use the read-to-me-feature to quickly copy and read texts, and improve original compositions. When connected, explore the Open LORE community, browse Open LORE classics, find compatible e-book distributors, and access support.

Open LORE Read Home Screen

Make your digital library your own by choosing beautiful backgrounds and adjusting text-to-speech settings. In the library screen, you have full control to manage and organize your personal e-book collections, building a personal digital bookshelf to carry with you whether you’re in your favorite chair at home, the couch at your local coffee shop, or a seat on an airplane. Add books, choose favorites, create your own collections, and preview book covers and descriptions using text-to-speech and text tracking. Next, stock your personal library with beautifully restored digital editions of classic works through the Open LORE Genuine Classics Library.

Open LORE Library Screen

Head to the reading screen to begin your reading adventures. Navigate a book by the table of contents, forward and back controls, bookmarks, searching for words, or flipping through images. Scroll through the page and select individual words to start playback from a different location or access features through the popup menu. Text-to-speech and text tracking are synchronized while images are shown in slideshow fashion using exclusive ImageSync technology.

Open LORE Reading Screen

At the heart of Open LORE software is the world’s best text-to-speech technology from Acapella Group and word definitions from Merriam-Webster, integrated seamlessly into the reading experience and waiting for your unique customization. Quickly adjust voice setting, display options, text tracking uniquely for each book. Investigate words in depth without ever leaving your book using the interactive dictionary, where you can search the advanced learners English dictionary, spell words, and playback definitions.

You can start building your own personal reading experience today for $35, or download the free 30-day trial to try this new level of reading for yourself.

Our next blog in this series will introduce you to the Open LORE Home Screen, how you can personalize your software, and launch your reading adventures.