Open LORE Reading Software FeaturesOpen LORE™ Reading Software Comparison

Feature Bookshare Edition Read Learning Center
Reading Technology
High Quality Voices 2 5 7
Text-to-Speech Audio YES YES YES
Sync Word & Sentence Higihlighting YES YES YES
Read Offline YES YES YES
Text Display
Display Images YES YES YES
Highly Customized Text, Background, Highlight Colors YES YES YES
Lexia Font Option YES YES YES
Book Management
Custom Book Collections YES YES YES
Integrated Bookshare Service YES YES YES
Reading Tools
Accessible Dictionary YES YES YES
Read-to-Me YES YES YES
Read-to-Me Save and Import - YES YES
Spell Checker - YES YES
Highlighter - YES YES
Notes - YES YES
Study and Learning Tools
Study Ease™ Auto-generated Study Guides - - YES
Vocabulary Builder™ with Word Games - - YES
Multiple User Accounts - - YES
One Time License Price (no subscription required) $9.99 $19.99 $39.99
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