Welcome Home: An Open LORE Walkthrough November 03 2015, 0 Comments

by Bethany Wagner

Welcome to the home screen, your own personal reading corner with access to your favorite books, your next homework assignment, an online community of fellow readers, and countless options to customize your virtual space. Where to begin? Read on to discover this unique reading experience and explore the valuable tools right at your fingertips in this accessible screen.

A Bookshelf All Your Own         


Like pulling a book from its spot on your bookshelf, the top Collections bar of the home screen features icons that are doorways to accessing and organizing your collections. Simply click on the Books icon to open the Library, where you can choose your next reading adventure and organize your personal collections. Looking for a faster route to your desired reading material? Click the Question Mark to switch to the Library featuring only the Help Books. Want to head right to your go-to favorite books? Click the Star to view only your Favorite books in the library. If you’re using Open LORE Learning Center, click the Apple Book icon to view your custom Study Guides.

And when you finally have a free moment to continue that novel you were just reading, click the Book Cover icon to pick up right where you left off.

Access the System

You’ve tried the thirty-day free trial and didn’t want the ease and accessibility of the Open LORE reading experience to end, so you purchased the software. Head to the system bar and click the Lock icon to enter your activation code and start using you very own Open LORE Read or Learning Center software.

Your Library isn’t the only customizable space. Make the entire home screen your own by selecting the Laptop icon, where you can select from a variety of vibrant home screen backgrounds, or upload your own images. 

Simply want to know more about this software? Click the “i” icon to view the product version, copyright, and license key information as well as the expiration date and days remaining if you’re using a free trial period.

To Reading…and Beyond

Welcome to the Special Features bar, where you find out for yourself that Open LORE products are more than accessible e-readers. Have a school assignment, an e-mail, a story, or other text you would like read back to you? Click the Speech Bubble icon to head over to Read-To-Me, where you can sit back, relax, and listen, or utilize the responsive spell-check feature to edit.

Ready to craft your own book? In Learning Center, select the Book with Pencil icon to put together text and even photos of physical book pages to create your own e-book that you can access again and again through your Library.

And to discover the full range of the Learning Center features, select the Puzzle Piece icon to play words and vocabulary games, where you can commit to memory that biology vocabulary list, those SAT words, sets of standard word lists, or the definitions of those words that didn’t quite make sense on a first reading of Charles Dickens.

From Reading to the Web

Open LORE’s features don’t stop at the software itself. When connected to the web, you have direct access to the company’s online sources of making the most out of your Open LORE reading experience. “No man is an island entire of itself,” wrote the great poet John Donne. And while curling up alone with a book is enjoyable, all readers can be part of a community that joins together in navigating the common joys and challenges of reading. The Cup icon is your gateway to the Open LORE Community Page, where you can access leading learning disability and reading organizations.

Ready to start a new reading adventure? Select the Shopping Cart icon to open the Open LORE online bookstore, where you can instantly download classic masterpieces like Tale of Two Cities, The Wizard of Oz, Pride and Prejudice, and more, with accessible optimization and restored original artwork. For other e-book sources, click the Building icon to find links to compatible book distributors. Looking for more Support? Click the Tool icon to view helpful information about the software or submit a submit request directly to Open LORE.

Find What Works for You

You have the freedom to change the playback voice, speed, and pitch, as well as the background, text, and highlight colors for each book. But you’ve found the ideal settings that perfectly fit the preferences of your own eyes and ears! In the Playback Defaults bar, select the People icon to choose your own voice, speed, and pitch settings that will be the automatic default for all your books and windows. Click the Paint Palette to set your own default background, text, and highlight colors. You can also turn text tracking off.

Next up - learn how to add books and organize your library!