Using Open LORE Read with Bookshare November 03 2014, 0 Comments

by Glen Wagner

Using Open LORE reading software with Bookshare is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Download the DAISY file to your computer from your Bookshare account.
  2. Add the DAISY book to your Open LORE library.
  3. Open the book and start reading!

Okay, there are a few more details we describe below, but it really is that easy.  This article also details some of the Open LORE reading software features that can help you get the best possible reading experience.

Download iconDownload DAISY File

  1. In your browser, log into your Bookshare account.

  2. Search for the book you want (type Title, Author, or ISBN in the search box and click).
    Bookshare search box
    NOTE: you will be shown a list of books that match your search criteria, locate the one you wanted in the list.

  3. Select the Download format (choose either DAISY Text Only or DAISY with Images) then click DOWNLOAD.
    Bookshare download format drop-downBookshare download button
    NOTE: You will be directed to your download history page and if the book is large, you will see a progress message letting you know Bookshare is preparing the book for download.

  4. Click "Available" and the book will be downloaded to your downloads folder.
    Bookshare download ready snapshot

Add Book iconAdd To Open LORE Library

  1. Open LORE LogoStart your Open LORE reading software
  2. Library IconIn the the Home Screen click LIBRARY collection
  3. Add Book iconIn the Library Screen click ADD BOOK
  4. Find your book in the downloads folder
    DAISY book in download folder
  5. Select the book (it will be a .zip file) then click the "Open" button
    Open button
  6. After formatting, click "OK" to confirm adding the book
    NOTE: A progress bar will indicate formatting status; large books make take a long time

[Library Screen Help]

Read Book iconStart Reading

  1. Read Book iconIn the Library, select the book title then click READ BOOK - or, double click the book title.

Play iconReading Features

  1. Play iconClick PLAY to start the text-to-speech and text tracking playback
  2. Pause iconClick PAUSE to stop playback
  3. Search iconClick SEARCH to find a word or phrase
  4. Table of Contents iconClick TABLE OF CONTENTS to go to a specific chapter or section
  5. Bookmarks iconClick BOOKMARKS to add a bookmark at a selected word location
  6. Dictionary iconClick DICTIONARY to search for word definitions or get a definition for a selected word
  7. Image toggle iconsImage on/off iconsClick IMAGE ON/OFF to hide or show images
  8. Zoom iconsZoom iconsClick ZOOM buttons to increase or decrease font size
  9. Volume iconClick VOLUME to adjust playback volume or mute text-to-speech
  10. Adjust voices iconClick ADJUST VOICES to change text-to-speech voice settings
  11. Adjust tracking colors iconClick ADJUST TRACKING COLORS to change page, sentence, and word colors
  12. Right-click in the text area to repeat and spell selected words out loud

[Reading Screen Help]